Second Tournament Recap

Our second G/90 quads were held on Saturday, February 4. Turnout was not quite as good as last time (eight participants, as opposed to twelve), but we had fun anyway! Once again, we were lucky to have smooth sailing the whole time–no major conflicts or claims issues.

Standings can be found by clicking on “Previous Tournaments” above.

We saw a surprising number of noteworthy performances this time. First, I would like to congratulate USCF expert Erick Garcia, our section one winner (2.5/3), for finishing a full point ahead of his nearest competitors. Class “A” player, Chester Bean, tied for second and managed to score the full point against a master in round two.

In section two, congratulations go to Howard Jacobus (1473) for beating Daniel Reinert (1854) with the white pieces. Unfortunately for Howard, the biggest upset of the tournament was Devick (504)-Jacobus(1473), in which Chris successfully navigated a tricky opening, obtaining a good position. It was already looking grim, but after Howard dropped his queen, Chris was able to win easily. Chris’s performance was so unusual that it generated a warning when I validated the rating report! Congratulations!

Thanks to everyone for coming. Without participants, none of this would be possible. If you want to mark your calenders for the 3RD EVER MILFORD G/90 QUADS!, the date is March 10, 2012.


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