Biggest Turnout Yet

This post comes almost two weeks late, but it’s still worth celebrating the 4th Ever Milford G/90 Quads, which was our biggest tournament to date. Fifteen showed up to play, including myself and our house player, who kindly omitted himself from the tournament. We were lucky to have some enthusiastic participants from Scranton as well as the Vassar-Chadwick club in New York. It’s great to see people make an effort to attend, especially from somewhere well outside Milford. Among the newcomers was our youngest-ever participant, Matthew Chiu, who won clear second place–and gained sixty rating points–in our bottom swiss.

Other notable results include a 3-0 sweep by Dan Reinert in his quad and an undefeated first-place finish by me in the bottom swiss.

For scores and final standings, see “Previous Tournaments” above.


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