6th Ever Draws Six

The 6TH EVER MILFORD G/90 QUADS! had the smallest turnout to date with just six players. I’m not sure where everyone went, but it was the first time nobody entered in advance, and I was worried. Thankfully, people started rolling in the door during registration. As a quad was not possible, we had one swiss section for everyone, with Richard Harry as the top seed.

Notable results:
Richard Harry (1869)-Troy Duncan (1563) 1/2-1/2
Both Dan Reinert (1867) and Richard Harry (1869) were undefeated.

Richard and Dan finished at the top with 2.5/3 and shared the two place prizes ($37.50 each).
3rd-4th place: Mike Kagel (1795), Troy Duncan (1563)
5th place: Larry Tremmel (1362)
6th place: Howard Jacobus (1432)

See “Previous Tournaments” for just the standings and final scores. July 7th is the next tournament. I look forward to seeing you there!


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