Free Lunch And An Upset at 9th Ever!

Once again, the hotel staff failed to set up for the event before registration began, so we were all provided with sandwiches and drinks at lunchtime–on the house! The players were quite pleased with this turn of events, especially since there was enough for everyone to take some food home after the tournament.

As for turnout, well, we’ll just say it wasn’t all it could have been. We had only four people show up besides the Club’s founders. That said, chess happened–and that’s what matters most. Topping the crosstable with 2.5/3 were Chester Bean and Dan Reinert, seeds one and two respectively. Perhaps the most notable result was a small upset by Larry Tremmel in round three. An unusually tactical game had fizzled down to a drawn position in Tremmel (1391) – Duncan (1632), but Duncan was in his usual time trouble, whereas Tremmel had time to spare. With no time left to think, Duncan blinked and allowed mate in two. Congratulations, Larry!


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