Donated Chess Media To Be Offered As Additional Prizes

Starting with the 10th Ever Milford G/90 Quads! (October 6), first-place winners in each section will be able to choose a book, CD, or VHS from materials donated to the Pike County Chess Club. In the event of a tie, both players may pick something. Of course, the usual cash prizes will be paid as well.

The books mostly cover openings, but there are also copies of Reassess Your Chess Workbork (Silman), The Power Chess Program: Book 2 (Davies), and Mikhail Tal: Tactical Genius (Raetsky).

Programs include Fritz 8 and Hiarcs 10.

There are a number of videos from “The Roman Forum” (Dzindzichashvili) and one on the Benko Gambit Accepted from the “Foxy Openings” series (IM Andrew Martin).

There you have it. Just another reason to come say hello and play chess with us!


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