12-Year-Old Expert Wins 10th Ever 3-0

At the recently concluded 10th Ever Milford G/90 Quads, we were happy to welcome some newcomers: Brian Iovino, a friend from the Middletown (Chester) club, and Alexander Crump, an expert who is only 12 years old. Sadly for Alex, a few of our more challenging, frequent participants did not show.

Congratulations go to Alex for winning the event with a perfect score! Troy’s (yours truly) game with him in round three was pretty interesting. I even got the better of it in the opening and had a chance to win an important central pawn. Not too shabby, but not good enough to beat an expert unless you actually take advantage of those chances!

Dan Reinert and Brian Iovino tied for 2nd-3rd with 2/3. I came in 4th-5th with Michael Chiu, and Chris Devick was shut out in 6th.

Those who placed were allowed to take home their choice of our donated chess media, in addition to their cash prizes.


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