1 Year Of Tournaments!

With the conclusion of the 12th Ever Milford G/90 Quads!, the Pike County Chess Club celebrates one year of USCF-rated tournaments. Pretty good considering there are almost no USCF members within 30 miles of Milford. We brought some new people into the area and even encouraged some inactive members to come out and start playing again. We created a fun and peaceful atmosphere where everyone could enjoy the challenges of a time-honored game. I hope all of you were enriched in some way by these opportunities throughout the year. I am especially grateful for all those who played with us or sent supportive messages.

I know many of you travel more than an hour to get to Milford; that does not go unnoticed. I try to honor that by giving out prizes as they are determined–sometimes to the detriment of my own concentration during a game–but I would like to say a simple thank you as well. Without you, none of this would have been possible.

And now a short summary of the 12th Ever Milford G/90 Quads!:
We had ten participants this time! I was getting worried that we would continue to lose people with each tournament, but it appears that cycle is now over. NM Erick Garcia (2181) led the top swiss section by rating and proved his standing by winning all three games. Congratulations, Erick! We were also joined by two newcomers, Henry Mattison (1966) and Michael Kizis (1907), both of whom tied for 2nd-3rd with 2/3. Mattison played me in the final round. I was low on time again (surprise?) and botched a pretty clear win–a shame since it would have been my highest-rated win yet. But the game is played with a clock or not at all. 4th-5th places went to Dan Reinert and Mike Kagel with 1/3. I was shut out in 6th.

In the bottom quad section, Larry Tremmel (1502) topped the rating list but was ultimately bested by his brother Michael (1494P3), who took no prisoners, scoring 3-0. From what I could see of their game, it appeared that Larry somehow lost his queen. This is only Michael’s second USCF event, and his provisional rating has shot past 1600 as of this afternoon! Welcome to tournaments, Michael! Clearly you are ready. Larry tied with Mitch Samoila for 2nd-3rd on 1.5/3. Christopher Devick was 4th, scoring zero.

I would like to thank Hugh Scully for stopping by to say hello. Hugh was one of the original members of the Club and has been unable to participate for several months. He has always been tremendously supportive, and I look forward to a time when he will once again play chess with us.


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