2013 Off To A Good Start

The 13TH EVER MILFORD G/90 QUADS! was held this past weekend, on January 5. All six participants played one swiss section, with NM Erick Garcia (2199) topping the field. Round one saw some exciting upset potential when I, Troy Duncan (1566), won a piece against Henry Mattison (1970). I fumbled the win in time pressure, however, and ended up losing the game. In round two, Daniel Reinert (1841) and Michael Kizis (1887) played a highly tactical game where Dan got a good amount of pressure but ultimately succumbed to the complications and lost too much material. Round three provided two notable games. The first was my slight upset versus Dan. Dan gambited a pawn in the opening but didn’t create enough play before I was able to force a trade of queens in the middlegame. This left me up a pawn with better piece placement. The win was sealed when my center pawn majority became two connected, passed pawns supported by bishop and rook. Meanwhile, Mike was able to secure a draw with white against NM Erick Garcia in a French defense. Great job, Mike! That’s a gain of 16 rating points for Mike and 32 rating points for me. Mike’s draw also earned him a tie for 1st-2nd with Erick (2.5/3). Each received $37.50. Henry and I tied for 3rd-4th with 2/3.

Chris Devick (1004) is our house player–he ensures there are no BYEs at the tournaments. I just want to thank him publicly for always allowing me–and everybody else–to play by joining or not joining depending on turnout. He is an integral part of the enjoyment factor by seeing to it that all of you, especially those of you who drive an hour or more, get to play every game. He was absurdly out-rated in this tournament, but was a gracious and able competitor. I suspect he will do very well in the U1100 and U1200 sections of some of the larger tournaments in the region. This time he scored 0/3, tying for 5th-6th with Dan.


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