NM Erick Garcia Wins “New” 14th Ever

Even though the 14th G/90 quads tournament was technically canceled last month, I decided to keep the correct number sequence and start with fourteen again this month.

NM Erick Garcia was our top seed again, and the gap between seeds one and two continues to grow! He outperformed everyone for a perfect score of 3/3 ($50), bringing his unofficial USCF rating to 2244, which puts 362 points between him and Mike Kizis–the second seed, who also gained rating points. Mike performed well, losing only to Erick, and taking clear second place ($25) with 2/3 in the top swiss. Chester Bean and Mike Kagel tied for 3rd-4th with 1.5/3; Dan Reinert was clear 5th with 1/3; Mike Tremmel scored 0/3 but was the lowest-rated player by 157 pre-tournament rating points. Mike is relatively new to tournament chess and is still finding his place among the usual participants. He has beaten everyone in the bottom quad once before.

In the quad, I topped the field by rating and by final score, winning all three games. Larry Tremmel (2/3) gave me a good game in round three but finally dropped a piece by not making a recapture and instead inserting a pawn attack on the piece, presumably hoping to recapture with the pawn next move. The piece was not truly pinned, however, and I went on to win easily in time trouble. Chris Devick did quite well this tournament on 1/3. He came very close to drawing with me in round one (~600 rating points between us) and his game with Larry (which Chris ultimately lost) was back and forth. In the final round, he won against Mitch Samoila, an upset of about 300 points. Mitch was probably winning while up the exchange, but he misunderstood the endgame and allowed Chris too many passed pawns. Mitch’s final score was 0/3, but I know he’ll be back in shape soon. His rating has been on the rise lately, so I can’t wait to see what he can do.

Thanks to Mike Kizis, Larry Tremmel, Mike Tremmel, and Mike Kagel for coming from the Scranton area. Thanks to Dan Reinert and Erick Garica for coming from the Allentown area.


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