January’s G/90 quads marked the two-year anniversary of USCF-rated tournaments in Milford. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the players who have helped keep this going, especially Dan Reinert. Dan has been present at all but one event! To those of you who keep my events in mind but can’t always make it, please know that I do appreciate your thoughts. Maybe the new events will make it easier for you.

New Tournaments in 2014

In recognition of how difficult it can be for some of you to show up and spend potentially ten hours in Milford, I will be adding another event this year. I cannot yet guarantee that it will happen every month, but we are going to try doing a G/60 as well. This will cut three hours from the maximum tournament length, which means you won’t need as much stamina and will have plenty of time for traveling.


Our big winner this month is Michael Chiu, who scored 3-0! Michael (1574) earned two slight upsets over myself (1756) and Dan Reinert (1793). He told us that his only goal in chess has been to reach 1600. With a post-tournament rating of 1676, he’ll need a new goal! Congratulations!

Chris Devick (1090) had the opposite experience this time, scoring 0-3.This was not unexpected, considering the ratings. He did have a noteworthy game with Chiu, however, winning a pawn and standing better for quite some time.

Dan Reinert and I had an interesting game where I missed a simple opening move that would have won a queen for two pieces. I went on to reach a won ending, only to drop my rook in what I thought was a tactical way of trading down.


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